Any student can participate in the National Biology Competition, and on more than one occasion (e.g., a student can in more than one year).

Official contestants:
Students who are attending secondary school are classified as official contestants and are eligible for individual awards and team competition, including students who complete their studies at the end of the first semester. Students in their first year of CEGEP in Quebec are also eligible.

Unofficial contestants:
Students who do not meet the above requirements are welcome to write the examination as unofficial contestants. They will receive personal scores, but will not be eligible for awards, nor will their scores contribute to their school's team score. They will be provided with a rank, but this does not affect the ranking of eligible contestants.

Teachers can also write the examination as unofficial contestants.


  • Under no circumstances can any student or school write in advance of the designated sitting time.
  • Any student or school that are not able participate at the designated sitting time may write at a later time or date, but will not be included as eligible contestants.